Housing & Meals

Housing: We will have two dormitory halls available to our group. Lodging at Thomas Hall will be prioritized by registration order. Regester Hall will be assigned if needed. Both are lovely, have all amenities, and are across from one another!

 Thomas Hall is a suite-style dormitory--9-14 single rooms are clustered into large units, sharing several bathrooms, a common area, washer-dryer,  and kitchen.

Regester Hall is located across a path from Thomas Hall. Rooms are doubles with a communal kitchen and laundry in the building. 

Clothing/Bedding: Average temperatures in Tacoma in summer range from the mid-50s  to the mid-70s  Fahrenheit. Please bring appropriate clothes. Residents will receive a linen packet that includes bath towels,  hand towels, two sheets, one pillow, and two blankets. If you feel you will need more than that for your comfort, please pack extras!

Meals: The University of Puget Sound is known for its healthy, sustainably-sourced, and delicious meals.  The cafeteria is located in the Wheelock Center,  which also hosts another cafe and a pizza place.  If you wish to prepare some meals in your suite,  dorm kitchens  have basic pots and pans, but do not have utensils and dishes.

Laundry: Each suite has a washer and dryer. There is no charge to use these. We will have laundry pods available for purchase in the camp store, or bring your own detergent from home. 

What to Bring

Weapons: Bring a Jyo, Bokken, and Tanto. Please make sure they are marked with your name

Zafu: If you plan on joining us for zazen in the morning, know that zafu availability is limited. If you can bring your own zafu, please do.

Water Bottle:  Save the planet! Bring your own reusable water bottle!


The summer camp raffle benefits the BNA Scholarship fund. Your ticket purchases and prize donations directly go to this cause. The raffle is held at the farewell party, is very entertaining, plus the prizes are incredible--you could win anything from original artwork to fully-paid 2018 Summer Camp! 

Tickets may be purchased at the Camp Store during camp, or before camp with pre-purchase. If you are pre-purchasing tickets, download and print the Raffle Tickets Form. Send the completed form and payment to the address on the form. Get your entire dojo involved-- even those who aren't coming to camp can participate in the raffle!

Have you chosen a prize donation for the raffle this year? Please use this Online Donation Form to let us know what you plan to bring. Prizes can be dropped off at the camp store, or see the form for instructions on mailing prizes in advance. Stay tuned to the raffle Facebook page to view this year's prizes. Thank you for your support and good luck!

T-shirts and Camp Store

T-shirts are available to purchase in the camp store throughout the week. The amount of t-shirts brought to camp is determined through pre-orders. Very limited extra stock will be on hand at camp --especially for those of you wanting a XS, small, or 2XL. Please  visit the online store, where you can view the 2017 T-shirt design, and pre-order the shirt/size you want!

The Camp Store will be located inside Thomas Hall. 

Medical Form

If you have any pre-existing medical or allergy concerns, please print and complete this Medical Form and bring to the registration desk at camp.

Campus Policies

The University of Puget Sound has a strict Alcohol and Drug policy. Please be sure to read the policy.


Summer Camp depends on the efforts of many volunteers. No offer to help is too small. We will have a Volunteer Coordinator at camp, and she will be able to steer you towards a way you can contribute. Thank you in advance!